March 2017

Long time without an update! that is due to slacker mom rather than slacker kids.To summarize the past year: aidan has put acting work aside to concentrate on his studies and extracurriculars and his aspirations of being a rocket scientist (really). he is continuing voice over work so if you need that perfect teen boy sound he's your man.

anna cate has been busy taking acting classes, playing guitar, kicking booty on the soccer field and the classroom, and of course working working working. she is continuing to voice promos for boomerang LA and work on the smart toy continues. she also has lots of smaller voice and screen projects in the works. 

mom promises to be better at updating soon!


december 2015-february 2016

another super-busy time of year! both kids have finished a successful semester at new schools (middle school for ac and high school for aidan) and did great! aidan is continuing in dance and guitar and ac had a great soccer season. 

anna cate's smart toy project continues full steam ahead and she voiced more cartoon network as well. links to new promos will be up soon. she also found time to act in some comedy shorts. in late january anna cate and mom spent some time in los angeles for work and play. lots of learning happened and we hope to come back soon because we love la! ac just voiced a national spot for moe's restaurants. technically that was in march but it almost counts! listen for it on the radio soon!

big stuff is on the horizon! can't wait to share.

August-November 2015

This has been such a busy fall that we have fallen behind in updating. both kids started back to school in august and the soccer season began again. aidan is continuing dance lessons and has started guitar lessons- as well as high school! anna cate is also learning guitar in school this year.

biz-related news: the long-awaited retail project that anna cate has been working on has hit shelves! it is smart toy, and it is getting great reviews. she is the voice of all three smart toys. see them here ( anna cate is also continuing to voice promos for boomerang latin america, as well as lots of other voice jobs. since the first 48 hour film fest was so much fun, anna cate decided to work on the 48 hour horror fest this year. her film, the grinning man, with iron shadow cinema, won the audience award and best cinematography. and anna cate was nominated for best actress, the only child actor nominee in a pool of 4 females and 4 males!

aidan is having fun working on his music, dance, and refereeing, and also found time to voice two national spots for airheads candy. links will be posted soon on his page,

july 2015

july was a busy and fun month! in addition to auditions and a few fun jobs, we did lots of travel. the whole family spent time in the north carolina mountains, and then anna cate and mom jetted off to la for a few days. anna cate was able to mix fun (the beach, the santa monica pier, an awesome whale watch, in-n-out burger) with work (agent meetings and acting classes). we love la and hope to be back soon!
in other news, the retail project- 'smart toy'- is due on store shelves on 9/27/2015! watch for way more news about that coming up soon.  

june 2015

summer has been so much fun! aidan has spent most of the month of june in various summer camps, but had time to complete a vo for disney. it is airing on various disney and abc family channels now! see it below:

anna cate has also been at camp this month, but has found time to appear in the atlanta 48hr film festival. she was a lead in the film, 'amber'. see it below! she also voiced a spot for the summer food initiative.




April/ may 2015

these last couple of months have been busy busy busy! between finishing school, auditions, soccer, and work, there's been barely a moment to update stuff. 

aidan ended the school year strong with straight a's and is excited about high school in the fall. in may he voiced a fun promo that should be out soon. he is looking forward to a summer of camp, sun, and lots of auditions.

anna cate also finished with straight a's. her soccer team ended the year on a high note by winning their last tournament. work-wise, she is continuing on 'the project' (can't wait to show it off!!) and booked a great psa vo in may. her work with boomerang is ongoing too. this summer looks to be exciting, with some upcoming travel.

March 2015

this has been a fun month for the donelan kids!

aidan is staying busy with big school projects and refereeing, while still finding time to voice a fun cartoon network commercial.  he has some other bookings coming out as well.

anna cate attended voatlanta this month.  this was really fun and educational, and did i mention fun? she was interviewed by george whittam for a voice over podcast heard nationally (video below)- and got her photo taken with the voice of siri. she also booked a vo for a utility company, and is, of course, working on *the project*. she's also playing lots and lots of soccer.

the kids also got an opportunity to attend several different acting classes and workshops this month. always students!


February 2015

Soccer season has returned in full force, with anna cate rocking consecutive tournaments with her team and aidan returning to the sidelines to referee games.  we love soccer season, and living where it's warm enough to play outside most of the year.

aidan voiced an educational video for children about gas pipelines.  

anna cate is continuing work on her biggie retail project... so excited to eventually share this!

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January 2015

aidan worked on a music video for a church curriculum.  he is also gearing up for two dance recitals in the spring and the large group guitar competition.

anna cate is continuing to work with boomerang, and has booked voice work for illiana christian school, an audiobook app for israeli english learners (!!), an internet commercial vo for a major food brand (will share when we can), and an exciting retail project which we will hopefully be able to divulge in a few months,  she also has several recent vo jobs coming out in the next few weeks.  look for them here!


December 2014:

Anna cate has completed 9 boomerang latin america sessions to date!  a compilation will be available on her page soon.  she also worked on spots for sketchworks comedy and decent humans comedy.  

both kids worked with the atlanta radio theater company on a very entertaining live holiday show.  it was extremely well-received.  they will be going in the studio soon to record the audio version.  


october 2014

a film aidan worked on in 2010 has finally been released.  it is called 'big losers' and is available on and  it is definitely not child-safe!  aidan plays the lead character as a child.


September 2014:

Anna Cate has started working on a long-term project with the NEW Boomerang Latin America!  She will be voicing many of their promo spots.  We are very excited for this partnership!

Aidan is taking a very fun class at Drama Inc for the next several weeks.  He is having a blast.